YouTube Vs TikTok Boxing Betting

YouTubers and TikTok influencers will be duking it out in a series of boxing matches. The main event features YouTube star Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall, with the rest of the card consisting of Aneson Gib vs Tayler Holder, Faze Jarvis vs Vinnie Hacker and Deji Olatunji vs Nate Wyatt.
Bryce Hall vs. Austin McBroom

After months of insinuations and back-and-forths on social media, YouTuber Bryce Hall and TikTok creator Austin McBroom finally put their feud to the test. The two fought as the main event of a unique event called Social Gloves’ Battle of the Platforms.

Both YouTubers have built their following by creating controversial content, so the match-up was bound to be a heated one. However, neither seemed to be prepared for the physical aspect of the fight. The first round was all about establishing themselves as the aggressors. McBroom, who has 19 million YouTube subscribers, landed a series of early power shots. Hall was unable to cope with the force of his blows and got a standing count.

The second round saw the two take their rivalry to the next level. Both fighters traded punches, with Hall putting his money where his mouth is by betting on himself to win the fight by knockout. Hall also managed to land a couple of massive blows, but McBroom was able to block them all and stood his ground.

After the two fighters were forced to stop trading blows, they began to talk trash and insult each other. The pair even had a scuffle at the press conference ahead of the fight. Hall rushed at McBroom, and security had to intervene.

The match was produced by Paul Cazers, who also brought you the Logan Paul vs. KSI match. The two events proved that social media influencers can draw bigger crowds than traditional legacy professional athletes. In addition to McBroom and Hall, the event featured a number of other notable YouTubers and TikTokers. The full fight card can be viewed on the Social Gloves website ไทเกอร์789.
AnEsonGib vs. Tayler Holder

The YouTubers vs TikTokers fight event features several influencers from each platform taking part in a series of boxing matches. Some of the biggest names in both worlds are involved, including Logan Paul and Jake Paul. Many of the fights are expected to draw hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fans. While some stars have been more reluctant to enter the ring, others are excited about this new adventure.

The co-main event of the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event saw AnEsonGib take on Tayler Holder. The match was a close one and both fighters put in a good performance. However, the fight ended in controversy after the judges decided a majority draw. This result shocked a lot of fans and sparked anger amongst them.

Some users believed that the decision was tampered with, and some even blamed FouseyTUBE for this. Others thought that the judges were biased. Regardless of the reason, both players were upset that they didn’t get to win the match.

Gib proved that he has much more experience in the ring than Holder. He was able to land more punches and use techniques similar to professional boxers. Holder, on the other hand, was too cautious and was unable to score any significant hits.

AnEsonGib’s performance in the ring showed that he has made a lot of progress since his loss to Jake Paul. He is a more polished boxer now and can be considered a serious contender for the next event. If you are interested in betting on the YouTubers vs TikTokers match, make sure to check out GiveMeSport. Our site offers a range of secure betting options with excellent encryption technology, responsible gambling tools, and licences from the UKGC.
Faze Jarvis vs. Vinnie Hacker

YouTubers vs TikTokers is an event where influencers from both platforms fight each other in real-life boxing matches. It is a new trend that was popularised by the controversial KSI vs Logan Paul match in 2018, and it has become very popular among influencers from both platforms. YouTubers typically appeal to viewers who enjoy comedy sketches, while TikTokers attract users who like challenge videos. Both types of content have their own followings and the competition is fierce, especially in 2021 when many YouTubers are fighting each other.

YouTube gamer Faze Jarvis emerged victorious in the first PPV undercard of the night against TikTok dancer Michael Le. After two standing eight-counts for Le in Round 1, Jarvis landed a vicious right hook that knocked him out. The victory earned him a lot of criticism from fans, and he posted a video apologizing to his followers.

DDG was up next in the second PPV undercard, and he gave an impressive performance against Nate Wyatt. Although Wyatt took some punches early on, he was unable to land any power punches to counter DDG’s strong combination. In the end, DDG won via unanimous decision after landing 40 total punches compared to only 8 power punches from Wyatt.

The final undercard of the night was a rematch between YouTubers Aneson Gib and Tayler Holder, which ended in a draw. The pair traded punches for the entire fight, with neither able to dominate the other. Ultimately, both fighters had a good showing and the crowd was satisfied with the outcome of the match.
Ben Azelart vs. Michael Le

Some of the most popular YouTubers and TikTok stars have taken their rivalry to a whole new level. They’ve put their reputations on the line to compete against one another in a boxing match, known as YouTube vs TikTok. These influencers have a combined following of millions and are well-known for their unique content. They’ve tried everything from rapping and baking to gaming and even boxing.

The Co-main event of YouTube vs TikTok came to an end with a controversial conclusion. Bryce Hall beat Austin McBroom in a close fight, but some fans were unhappy with the result. In the end, Team YouTube won five of the six matches, with only one win from a TikTok star – Vinnie Hacker’s victory over Deji. FaZe Clan’s Jarvis was the only fighter to achieve a true knockout, beating Michael Le.

A lot of controversy surrounded the fights, including the fact that the participants were paid so little. This was due to the fact that it was a pay-per-view event and the organizers hoped to make as much money as possible. However, a lot of the competitors were upset with their earnings and demanded to be paid more.

The main event will feature KSI fighting against Tayler Holder. However, there are seven other bouts on the card. AnEsonGib is making a comeback to the ring after losing to Jake Paul last year. Deji Olatunji and Vinnie Hacker are also both veterans of the platform, and Olatunji is the younger brother of KSI, the UK’s most popular YouTuber.
Nate Wyatt vs. Deji Olatunji

YouTube stars and TikTok creators are often in a battle for subscribers, but on Saturday night that fight is getting physical as eight of them take to the ring to compete in the ‘Battle of the Platforms’ boxing event. The event features some of the most popular influencers on both platforms, and their fans are eager to see them get into the ring.

The event kicked off at midnight from the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the same venue that hosted Logan Paul’s high-profile fight with Floyd Mayweather. The main event featured Bryce Hall vs. Austin McBroom, with other YouTubers such as AneSon Gib and Tayler Holder also competing on the card. The match-ups were a mix of YouTubers and TikTokers, with some having prior boxing experience while others did not.

McBroom and Hall both have a large following on YouTube, with the former having more than 19 million followers. They had a brief feud in early March 2021, prompting the fight to be booked. Other YouTubers on the card included Nick Austin fighting his brother Bryce, FaZe Jarvis taking on TikToker Michael Le, and Ben Azelart battling TikToker Nate Wyatt.

DDG, or Darryl Dwayne Granberry, is a rapper who has been posting clips to his YouTube channel of himself training for the fight. He seems to have picked up the sport quickly, but is a long way from being a professional fighter. He was tipped to lose this match, but he surprised many by going the distance against Deji Olatunji.

Although he did not win, he landed 40 total punches (35 power punches) to Olatunji’s 8. He took some heavy hits and had some clear bruising on his face after the fight, but was able to go all the way.

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