How to avoid bad beats in online poker?

While playing online poker most people will complain about making a countless number of bad beats. There are several strategies that one can adopt when it comes to avoiding such mistakes.

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Many people will blame the Random Number Generator that is available in the online poker for not creating randomness while playing poker but this is not the case. Whenever a user is failing to make the right strategies they are ending of making bad beats. Even if you are making sheer incorrectness in your poker strategy you may lose the entire game.


Many players will use different types of excuses for defining their wrong strategies, but the bottom line is you will need to deal with the hands faster because online poker is fast. Whenever you are playing more hands you are always on a higher chance of making bad beats. The best part is, you can prevent it by acquiring skills and strategies that will help you to avoid wrong moves. So here are some strategies that one needs to adopt if they want to stop making bad beats poker1001.


  • Avoidance: If you want to avoid making bad beats then you should avoid the websites where you think that the website is not calculating the random cards properly. You can switch to another website. Always play from a website where you think that the real randomness of cards is correct. By using this strategy you’re limiting yourself from the opportunity of playing at more websites.


  • Cover the backside: You will have to completely cover the backside when you are playing poker. It will help in preventing bad beats from occurring. By using this strategy you will reduce the chances of making bad beats. There is a high chance that you will throw away the money that you are pulling out.


  • Factoring: Factoring is another way to avoid making bad beats. In this method, you will have to avoid all the negative effects on psychology because of bad beats. So whenever a bad beat is occurring you will have to accept it along with the loss of money and make sure it is not impacting your game. This online poker strategy is quite intangible and you will always have low stress and good feeling. Whenever you are losing a game you won’t get angry. The drawback of this strategy is that you might lose a lot of money whenever the bad beat is occurring.


  • Tricking the system: To avoid making bad beats, you need to figure out the ways that you can implement to trick the poker system. Several strategies will help you to learn about the system’s secret code and you won’t lose any money. By using this formula one can make a lot of money, but it won’t work all the time.


These are the few strategies that you can implement if you want to avoid making bad beats. Bad beats occur when the player is not professional or skilled. If you are a beginner then there is a chance of making bad beats, but it will improve with time.


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