Final季,又到了写Literature Review的时候了



毕业论文和我们平时写的assignment相比,结构更为丰富,一共包含6个部分,分别是Introduction, Literature Review,Methodology, Findings, Discussion and Conclusions,毫无疑问,整个毕业论文的核心便是Literature Review,Methodology, Findings, Discussion这四个部分。今天我们就先来看看文献综述(Literature Review)怎么写。




e.g. Many earlier studies of purchasing behavior identified two orientations of hedonic shopping and utilitarian shopping which means shopping for fun, experience or shopping rationally and process-oriented approach to shopping (Hirschman and Holbrook, 1982:92; Babin et al. 1994:644). Recent studies add more variations to analyze purchasing behavior. Gonçalves and Sampaio (2012:1525) took gender, income, age and involvement as moderating variables for the investigation of credit card loyalty.




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相反的观点:e.g. Through analysis of 250 questionnaires toward one US college students about purchasing behavior of jeans, Bahng et al. (2013:367) considered major, gender and age as variables and pointed out that college students could be divided into three shopping styles. …… On the contrary, Osman et al. (2011:78) claimed that there was no significant difference between gender and buying behavior in university students.


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e.g. However, the respondents interviewed in existing article were in age of 14 to 18, and particular product has been used during the investigation. It could hypothesize international university students from UK might have similar result but brand image might have larger influence to university students as they grew older.

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e.g. These previous researches only concerned with students in different countries and not include international students attitude.

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e.g. This research will investigate what factors that effects common attitude difference toward brand named products in internationa英国论文代写l students. Therefore, previous researches could inform and guide the research or international students in UK, as gender, age, major, income (monthly expenditure)……

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e.g. This research will also assignment代写investigate effect of advertising and sales promotion in international university students in UK, and investigate which is the most effective for these students.

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如果同学们写的literature review包含了上述所有的目的且逻辑清晰,那整片毕业论文妥妥的有了A的底色~



2. 链接词很重要
– 对具有相似观点的研究者进行分组的词汇包括:similarly, in addition, also
– 对具有相反观点的研究者进行分组的词汇包括:however, on the other hand, in contrast, nevertheless

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