Can We Do Yoga For Belly Fat?

Yoga has been rising in popularity recently, with our current lifestyle, doing exercise while calming your mind seems to be a comfortable choice. That is what Yoga does, they train your body and mind, making you healthy inside out. However, people don’t stop their demands, they want something more added to the benefits: to trim the belly fat. While working out absolutely could help you to reduce your overall body fat, which eventually would trim your belly fat, how about Yoga? Can we do Yoga for belly fat? What kind of Yoga moves can you do to reduce belly fat? Here are some simple explanations.

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While Yoga does have poses (asanas) which focuses on the center of our body, but you should understand the philosophy: there is no shortcut. You can practice any pose you think is effective, however, you still need to do things regularly to get maximum results. While you are looking for references, here are some pose that focuses on abdominal area:


  • Plank pose (kumbhakasana)

Recommended by most people who do yoga, the plank pose is considered the most effective pose to get a nicely toned abs. Just like the regular plank, you need to hold your body in the specific condition for several minutes. When you finished doing this pose, you could feel your muscles screaming from all over your body. This training isn’t just for the belly fat, but also for the muscles all over your body.

  • Boat Pose (nav asana)

Among all the yoga poses, this pose puts much more pressure into your abdominal area. Because of its implication on the abs, many people consider this pose could specifically trim your waistline. Just so you know that belly fat is a part of your body fat, and if you want to get rid of it, you should reduce your overall body fat. While doing this pose could help you focus on the abdominal area, but still, exercise your whole body for a more toned body.

  • Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

After a series of putting pressure on your abdominal area, this bow pose is good for stretching the area around the waist. You can stretch your back, chest, arms and thighs at the same time. If you have a bad posture because of your job sitting on the desk, this pose could also give you a better posture products to lose belly fat fast.


There are definitely yoga for belly fat, ot most people say, yoga which focuses on your abdominal area. When you train the muscles around your waistline, automatically the muscles would burn the fat around the area as well. For more effective results, balance your lifestyle with healthy meals and enough rest.

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